Our story


25 years ago we formed a transportation company headquartered in Frederick, MD. Our business focused on providing trucking and warehousing services in the Mid-Atlantic region. In 2011 we began to respond to requests for freight remediation services from a large membership warehouse distribution center (DC). We developed a reputation for providing quality freight remediation services, and we began to receive similar requests from shippers and 3PL’s with damaged loads across the U.S. We provided rework, cross-dock and redelivery services to a wide variety of 3PLs and shippers in the DC metro area, and we began to think about how we could expand across the country.

We thought about buying warehouses or teaming with large warehousing companies, but the numbers didn’t make sense. As freight remediation became the fastest growing part of our transportation business, it was clear the market need for remediation was significant, and that shippers and 3PLs dreaded remediation problems. Remediation was an ad hoc process, eating up huge amounts of time and money for relatively small problems. Client relationships were affected, and multiple service disruptions were enough to upset these relationships. We began thinking about a unified solution to ensure shippers and 3PL’s were able to meet their delivery deadlines to their clients. Downstream retail customers were able to shelve products on time, and carriers were able to make deliveries on other promised routes.

WeFixFreight.com (WFF) was created to automate and manage freight remediation services across the country. Using the WFF platform, shippers, 3PLs and carriers can configure, estimate and order freight remediation services online our via expanding network of 175+ service agents across the US and Canada.

Clients and our service agents are linked via our website WeFixFreight.com and our WeFixFreight.com (WFF) mobile applet, available in the Apple and Android stores. Registration is simple. Clients can order services in minutes, either on the web or via our mobile applet.

WeFixFreight.com has quickly gained acceptance as the preferred solution for 3PLs and shippers to manage their remediation needs. Our network of pre-qualified service agents provides high quality and timely remediation services at standardized prices. Facility hunting and rate negotiation are eliminated. Service facility location and service/work configuration and cost estimation is done in minutes. Our customer service team manages all cases in real time. All cases are archived by client and service agent for future reference.

We at WeFixFreight.com look forward to serving you. Please feel free to contact us at info@wefixfreight.com should you have any questions or comments. We welcome any and all feedback!

Don Hill