Proud to be Fixing Freight

Proud to be Fixing Freight

Our company is a preferred solution for 3PLS and shippers to manager their remediation needs, but it has taken our dedicated employees and our passion for fixing freight to get there! We are proud to have developed such a strong network of pre-qualified service agents that assist our customers.

The We Fix Freight story began more than 25 years ago. We started as a transportation company in Frederick, MD. We were focused on the Mid-Atlantic region initially, but as we grew – so did the demand for our services across the country. We now began to think about how we could expand across the country to meet the demands of our customers.

After that, we created what is now as an online platform that shippers, 3PLs, and carriers can all utilize. We know how important it can be to provide re-work, cross-dock, and redelivery for damaged loads across the United States.

We are grateful for our 175+ service agents, and for all of the customers that trust our business on a regular basis.

We look forward to sharing more blog content about how you can better serve your customers, and so you can learn more about the our story and our passion.

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