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Do you have dock space, extra warehouse capacity, sitting trucks, empty trailers, or other logistics equipment? That’s money on the table. 

At WeFixFreight, we turn your logistics assets into opportunities to earn big with easy-to-accept jobs from our reputable network of shippers, carriers, and freight brokers.

WeFixFreight partners with freight agents across the U.S. to take on mutually beneficial jobs that make the most of your business. WeFixFreight can unlock an entirely new stream of income for your business.

When you succeed, we succeed.

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Partnership Benefits

Get Started Immediately: No tedious paperwork or bookkeeping is required. Start putting your extra capacity to use immediately and accept alerts with the press of a button.

Acquire New Streams of Income: If you’ve got space, trucks, or resources waiting to be used, we’ve got the jobs that fit right in. Every job notification is an opportunity to turn your excess capacity into revenue.

Join a Powerful Network: This isn’t just about one-off jobs. When you’re a part of our network, we grow as one. Bigger projects, bigger profits, and bigger opportunities await when your partner with WeFixFreight.

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