Re-Delivery Services

Rejected deliveries due to damaged goods, shifted loads, or schedule mix-ups can throw a real wrench in your business operations and the profitability of your lanes.

At WeFixFreight, we’ll quickly dock your failed deliveries, fix, repair, and restore the cargo, and coordinate a new delivery with your customers with our best-in-class freight re-delivery services.

Our re-delivery services include:

  • Inspection & Assessment: Before re-delivery, a thorough inspection of the freight is carried out to determine the condition and understand why the original delivery failed. This helps in identifying whether any repairs, replacements, or re-packing are required.
  • Coordination & Communication: Constant liaison with the shipper, receiver, and any involved third parties to ensure everyone is informed about the revised delivery schedule, changes in routing, or any other key details.
  • Rework & Repackaging: Based on the inspection, any necessary adjustments, repairs, or repackaging is done to ensure the freight is in optimal condition for re-delivery.
  • Route Optimization: Using logistics software and tools, the best and most efficient route is determined for the re-delivery, keeping in mind any specific requirements, restrictions, or deadlines set by the receiver.
  • Tracking & Transparency: Offering real-time tracking capabilities to the stakeholders involved, ensuring visibility throughout the re-delivery process. This includes providing regular status updates, estimated time of arrivals, and any potential delays or changes.

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