Freight Re-Work Services

You’re staring at a shipment gone wrong. Maybe it’s damaged goods, or maybe it’s a load that’s about as stable as a house of cards. 

At WeFixFreight, we’re the pallet pit crew you’re looking for. We provide freight rework services to whip your damaged or disorganized shipments back into shape and get them back on the road.

Our crew of problem-solvers will rework your load with precision and speed, performing pallet restacking and reorganization services to ensure your goods are primed and ready for flawless delivery.

Our freight re-work services include:

  • Pallet Restacking: Physically reorganizing, restacking, and re-palletizing the contents to ensure stable and safe transport, particularly for shifted loads.
  • Replacement & Reinforcement: Swapping out damaged containers or packaging with robust, suitable alternatives and adding protective materials, such as bubble wrap, foam, or corrugated inserts.
  • Cross-docking: Unloading goods from a damaged or disorganized trailer and directly transferring them to another transport for delivery or short-term storage solution.
  • Mold & Moisture Remediation: Addressing and treating any signs of mold or moisture damage, using dehumidifiers and other equipment, and then repackaging the cargo in a dry condition.

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