Transloading Services

When your freight is stuck at a crossroads and you’re without the right facilities or equipment to move it, you need professionals you can trust on a moment’s notice.

At WeFixFreight, we provide emergency transloading services that keep your freight moving. We swiftly step in to transfer your cargo from the disrupted mode of transport to another, ensuring your cargo stays on the move and reach their final destination as quickly as possible. 

Whether it’s from rail to truck, truck to plane, or any combination you can think of, we’ve got the tools, the facilities, and the expertise to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our transloading services include:

  • Cargo Transfer: We transfer cargo between different modes of transportation, such as from a truck to a railcar, or from a ship to a truck.

  • Storage Facilities: Get temporary storage with short-term warehousing or specialized storage areas equipped to handle various types of cargo are used.

  • Cargo Handling Equipment: We have the equipment necessary to handle specialized cargo, including refrigerated freight.

  • Customization & Repackaging: Depending on the destination or the next mode of transportation, our transloading facilities are equipped to repackage cargo to ensure it is suitably prepared for its next journey.

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