Don’t Let Rejected Freight Derail Your Logistics

Rejected freight is a nightmare that can quickly turn your meticulously planned supply chain into a tangled mess of delays and lost goods. You may never be able to completely prevent rejection, but here’s our advice for bouncing back quickly from it.

Here’s How to Minimize Your Logistics Disruptions:

  1. 1. Identify Damaged Freight
  2. 2. Documentation the Damage
  3. 3. Contact the Carrier or Supplier
  4. 4. Evaluate Repairability:
  5. 5. Source Local Remediation Services:
  6. 6. Get Approval and Coordinate Repair
  7. 7. Make Re-Delivery Arrangements
  8. 8. Monitor and Oversee
  9. 9. Re-Integrate into the Supply Chain
  10. 10. Conduct Quality Assurance
  11. 11. Update Documentation
  12. 12. Invoice Reconciliation
  13. 14. Post-Incident Review
  14. 15. Communicate with Stakeholders

How WeFixFreight Can Help

WeFixFrieght can help you quickly recover from a variety of freight rejection incidents with a large global network of agents ready to provide fast, quality service at transparent prices. Here’s what we can do…

  • Re-work
  • Re-delivery
  • Crossdock
  • Short Term Warehousing
  • Rail Remediation
  • and more…

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Freight Re-work and Re-Delivery is What We Do Best

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