The WeFixFreight Story: Transforming Logistics with Innovation

Welcome to We Fix Freight.
Here, transforming logistics with innovation is our core mission. We’re not just a freight company;
we’re your solution to shipping challenges. Whatever your freight issue, big or small, our team is ready to tackle it with efficiency and skill.

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Journey to Innovation: The Rise of We Fix Freight

Over 30 years ago, our founder, Don Hill, spotted a big challenge in our industry. He was running a trucking company and kept seeing the same issue: shipments getting damaged or going to the wrong places. 

Back then, finding a fix wasn’t easy. That’s when Don had a lightbulb moment. Why not start something that could handle these headaches nationwide? And that’s exactly what he did.

We Fix Freight was born out of a need to make things right in the logistics world. 

We have grown from a local helper to a national leader, always focusing on solving your freight problems. Welcome to our story of innovation and commitment to making logistics smoother for everyone.

Learn About Our Logistics Services 

Let’s talk about what we do best at We Fix Freight. When the unexpected happens in logistics, consider us your reliable problem solvers. 

If your shipment faces challenges, whether it’s damage or a misdirection, we are here. We’ve got your back. At We Fix Freight, we offer you the following: 

Our expertise lies in handling those sudden transit issues: overturned loads, misrouted packages, and unexpected mishaps. We do more than fix; we bring you peace of mind. Our response is quick and effective, whether it’s a toppled pallet or a wayward truckload.

With our nationwide network, help is always nearby. We manage a variety of goods, ensuring safe and timely delivery. 

Our promise to you is simple: reliability and precision in every service. Trust We Fix Freight to be your partner in transforming logistics with innovative solutions.

Why Choose We Fix Freight: Our Unique Approach

First up our nationwide network. This isn’t just about having a presence in every state; it’s about being right where you need us, whenever you need us. Whether your shipment is in trouble in Texas or New York, we’re just a call away. This network ensures we can offer fast, consistent solutions no matter where you are.

Then there’s our pricing – no guesswork here. We’ve worked hard to standardize our rates. This means you get clear, upfront pricing.

No surprises, no hidden fees. We believe in transparency because we know that’s what builds trust.

But the real magic happens with our blend of technology and a personal touch. We’ve got all the high-tech tools to manage logistics efficiently. Still, we haven’t lost that human element. Every client and every shipment gets our full attention.

It’s about combining the best of tech with a team that genuinely cares. Choosing We Fix Freight means opting for reliability, consistency, and a team that’s always on your side.

Different Solutions for Diverse Freight Challenges

 Let’s look at some real-world examples of how we’ve tackled a range of issues.

Take the case during a past heat wave. InBev encountered a significant problem with 20 loads of beer and soft drinks at risk due to hasty loading. We Fix Freight was there to resolve the situation. In a swift 48 hours, all 20 loads were stabilized and back on track, averting a major logistics crisis.

Our expertise isn’t limited to large-scale operations. We also extend our services to smaller businesses. For instance, a shipment of electronics once faced a mishap. Our team was quick to respond, ensuring the shipment was repacked and safely delivered to its destination.

Our mission is to provide the right solution, no matter the size or nature of the freight challenge. From rectifying overturned pallets to addressing scheduling mishaps, we’ve mastered the art of quick, effective problem-solving. This commitment to responsiveness and versatility is central to transforming logistics with innovation.

Our clients trust that when they reach out to us, we’re more than just responsive – we’re proactive in finding solutions. This reliability is why businesses choose We Fix Freight as their logistics partner.

Your Partner in Transforming Logistics with Innovation

We are not just another logistics company; we are your ally in navigating the complex world of freight management.

Choosing We Fix Freight means you are opting for a partner who brings innovation right to your logistics challenges. Our nationwide network, standardized pricing, and blend of cutting-edge technology with personalized service make us uniquely positioned to handle your freight needs efficiently and effectively. We’re all about making logistics smoother and more reliable for you.

We’ve been transforming logistics with innovation for over 30 years, constantly evolving and adapting to meet your needs. Our history of quick, successful resolutions, from minor mishaps to large-scale emergencies, speaks for itself. We’re committed to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations.

Ready to revolutionize your logistics experience? Reach out to us. Let’s chat about how we can bring innovative solutions to your freight challenges. You can contact us for a step towards hassle-free freight management.

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